“Dog Friendly Restaurants Near Me” : Find out where dogs are allowed


If you’re a dog lover, I’m sure you’ve already heard about the new trend of pooch-friendly restaurants.

Dogs are now welcome at many restaurants, even during breakfast hours. So if you’re looking for a fun way to celebrate your pup’s birthday or want to try something new, here are some dog-friendly brunch locations near me:

Dog-Friendly Restaurants: Find Out Where Pups Are Allowed

To find out if a restaurant is dog-friendly, try these steps:

  • Check the restaurant’s website. The best way to find out if a dog-friendly restaurant near me allows pets is to check their website. Many restaurants make it very clear whether they allow dogs and list any restrictions they may have. Try calling them directly if you can’t find this information on their site!
  • Call the restaurant and ask whether dogs are allowed in their establishment. It never hurts to double-check with an employee at a place where you want to take your pet—they might know something that isn’t listed on the website!
  • Ask the host or hostess if dogs are allowed in your chosen eatery before you walk inside with Fido on a leash (and maybe even ask for his name, so he doesn’t feel too left out).
  • Ask the waiter or waitress what type of food is available for pups (and even how much it costs) before ordering anything, just in case there’s nothing suited for canine palates open during peak hours when most people like having brunch with their furry friends off-leash by law across America…but not everyone does!

How to Make Sure Your Dog is Cool with Your Brunch Spot

Regarding dog-friendly restaurants, you have to be sure that any establishment you choose lets their furry customers enjoy brunch as much as you are. If you’re worried about whether or not your dog will be allowed, try doing a trial run with them ahead of time. Ask the restaurant staff for help when you arrive and tell them that this is important to your dining experience (and ensure they know how well-behaved your pup is)! The more prepared they are for your canine companion, the less likely they’ll be bothered when they decide to explore the restaurant floor independently.

If all else fails, don’t hesitate to ask the waiter—they should know if dogs are allowed at an establishment and if there’s an additional fee associated with having them in the space (if so). And if he doesn’t? Well, then it’s time to get talking with management!

Some Dog-Friendly Restaurant Do’s and Don’ts

  • Do not bring your dog to a restaurant that doesn’t allow dogs.
  • Do not leave your dog unattended in the restaurant.
  • Do not bring your dog to a restaurant with a “no dogs” policy.
  • Do not bring your dog to a restaurant with a “no children” policy.

Places to Eat with Your Dog in NYC, Boston, L.A., Chicago, and More

There is no shortage of dog-friendly restaurants in the United States. Whether you live in New York City, Los Angeles, or Chicago, there are plenty of places where your pup can join you for brunch or lunch. However, if you’re more interested in enjoying a meal with your four-legged companion outside the U.S., check out our list of dog-friendly restaurants worldwide.

Here are some popular chain options:

  • Au Bon Pain – This restaurant offers breakfast and lunch items as well as beer and wine! The chain has locations all over North America and Europe, so it’s easy to find one nearby.
  • Baja Fresh Mexican Grill – Pups are welcome at this chain’s sites when accompanied by an adult; there are over 100 locations nationwide!
  • Ben & Jerry’s Scoop Shop – If your dog loves ice cream (and who doesn’t?), bring him along when you stop by any Scoop Shop location for a cone or cupcake (they’re vegan!).

Find a dog-friendly place for brunch.

If you’re looking for a dog-friendly brunch spot, you first need to find a place that allows dogs. You can search dog-friendly restaurants near you using DogFriendly.com’s restaurant search tool. Once you’ve found one, call them and ask if they have a separate dog menu or if they allow dogs on the patio or dining room.

Once you’ve got your date and location lined up, check with them again about their policies before bringing Fido along—this will make things easier when it comes time to order food! Make sure that they can accommodate any special dietary needs (for example, if your pup gets upset by onions), and prepare yourself accordingly by bringing some non-meat treats left over from dinner the night before.

Finally: Bring lots of water! It’s important not to leave your four-legged friend dehydrated while out having fun with other people who are also drinking alcohol; keeping hydrated helps reduce stress levels, so everyone stays happy and relaxed throughout brunch time together!


If you’re looking for the best dog-friendly restaurants near my brunch, we have a list of the most popular ones. But, of course, you can apply these tips to any other restaurant in your area!


You can bring your furry friend to most restaurants if it’s allowed by law. Make sure they have food and water bowls available, so no one gets thirsty during their meal! And don’t forget about leashes! If you don’t want them running around all over the place, make sure they’re attached to something nearby like a table leg or chair leg… just don’t let go because they could get lost easily if there are so many people around walking around fast all at once (like during rush hour).


1. Are dogs allowed in UK restaurants?

Dogs are allowed in premises that are licensed to sell alcohol, and there is no law or any health and safety regulations that ban them from being in premises where food and drink is served or sold. However, they must not enter areas where food is prepared, handled or stored, for example the kitchen. 

2. Are dogs allowed in restaurants in Texas?

Under the new law, owners of service animals and emotional support animals are now allowed to bring their pets on patio areas at restaurants. This came as a result of a very powerful political fight led by groups like Texas for Americans with Disabilities in the area of food service mismanagement. 

3. What is the law regarding dogs in restaurants?

Dogs are typically not allowed in restaurants unless they are service animals, which are protected under the Americans with Disabilities Act. Otherwise, dogs that are not well-behaved and fenced in must be cared for outside of the restaurant. A few restaurants may have outdoor patios or dining areas that allow dogs on leashes

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