Google’s Dachshund Bobblehead History: A Complete Guide

Dachshund Bobblehead History

Celebrate the Dachshund bobblehead

Google this interactive Doodle is dedicated to the Dachshund bobblehead. This iconic, weiner-dog doll was created in Germany as an accessory for friendly vehicles. The first documented reference to the breed dates back to 1723 when Johann Friedrich von Flemming included it in his book ” Der vollkommene teutsche Jager“.

Since a long, the dachshund is a well-known symbol of Germany. This special status was further enhanced in the 1970s by the production of the first dachshund bobbleheads. These were affectionately called the ” Wackeldackel” (or “wobbling Dachshund” in English). Soon, the friendly canines were found perched on the rear bumper of German notchback cars, nodding to every curve and bump.

The Wackeldackel was featured as a German advertisement in the late ’90s. In just eight months, over 500,000 bobbleheads were sold.

These four-legged passengers are always on your sleeve! You never know when you may spot a hotdog in the back of your hot rod. 😉


Early concepts and drafts of the Doodle below

Once upon a time, the bobblehead Doodle was a clicker game.

Dachshund bobblehead History

But we ended up focusing on one dachshund that one originally looked like this:

Dachshund bobblehead History


Some initial, alternate designs!

Dachshund bobblehead HistoryDachshund bobblehead HistoryDachshund bobblehead History

The wackeldackel went through a complete redesign. We even imbued it with the ability to feel emotions!

Dachshund bobblehead history   Dachshund bobble head   Dachshund bobble head history

Google’s Dachshund Bobblehead Doodle: Netizens React

Twitter went viral with the Dachshund Google Doodle. Netizens shared the gif of Google’s doodle on Twitter, who also tweeted about it. One Twitter user said that he is afraid he will spend all day cuddling the Dachshund wearing the Bobblehead Doodle. Another user on Twitter shared the Google Doodle and asked their followers to tap the Dachshund Bobblehead. They also sent yellow hearts to show that the dog gave out yellow hearts.

One Twitter user said that he can’t stop looking at the Dachshund Bobblehead Google Doodle. Another user said that Google knows what everyone needs, and it is puppy content. Another user wrote that she liked the Dachshund Bobblehead Google Doodle because it allows people to interact with the puppy. Have a look at these tweets.

Google: what’s something everyone needs rn

— Claudia Zhao (@_claudiazhao) September 30, 2020




Artist David Lu

Engineer | David Lu

Producer | Colin Duffy

UX Designer | David Lu

Marketing | Perla Campos

Business Affairs Lead & Partnerships | Madeline Belliveau

Doodle Team Leads | Jessica Yu, Brian Kaas

Q&A With Lead Engineer David Lu

Q: What was the significance of this topic to you personally?

A: I was an engineer, and the bobblehead’s physics is what most interested me. The wackeldackel is not only a celebration of a German dog breed but also a demonstration of German tinkery. I debated for hours about the best way to implement the bobble. It should be a spring or a pendulum. Or a simple sine wave. For this Doodle, it was worth learning Grade 10 Physics again.

Q. What were your initial thoughts upon hearing about the project?

A. What the hell is a wackeldackel anyway? That day, I learned German.

Q. Did you find inspiration for this Doodle from any source?

A.This Doodle is about a German icon. My inspiration was all of German culture. I tried to include as many German-related things as possible, like the Autobahn and Bavarian Alps.

Q. Question: What do people want to take away from your Doodle,

I want all non-German speakers of German to understand the word wackeldackel. It perfectly sums up what this Doodle is all about. It is also more descriptive than “German Wiener Dog Bobblehead”.

Source: Google Doodles


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