How the Electric Toothbrush is changing Dental Care and the way people Brush their Teeth.


An electric toothbrush charger could be very clean to apply and has an inductive charging function. You place it down and feel it, select it up and flip it off automatically. You can relax confident that charging your computerised toothbrush is secure and conc. As well as charging is based on induction.

WHAT IS AN INDUCTION CHARGER?electric toothbrush charger

The main part of an electric toothbrush is an induction charger. An induction charger permits wi-fi charging, additionally referred to as inductive charging. This makes use of a magnetic discipline withinside the transmission of strength among items. When it involves electric-powered toothbrushes, there are coils withinside the unit. 

One coil is withinside the charging base and the alternative is on the lowest of the toothbrush. Each charger coil generates a modern-day and creates a magnetic discipline that is critical to the unit’s operation. When the 2 coils are located near together, the electricity is transmitted. 

The charging base coil affords electricity and the coil withinside the toothbrush base gets it. Once the electricity has been received, the batteries in the toothbrush are charged.


You`ve simply sold an electric-powered toothbrush however it has a 2 pin, instead of a three-pin that`s usually visible in UK bathrooms. The 2 pins are shaver plugs and they`re designed to match right into a shaver socket for protection reasons. 

For people who don’t have shaver sockets, there may be a solution; 2 pin adapters! The 2 and three-pin adapters are the maximum not unusual place names given to this important tool, however, they will additionally be known as a toothbrush adapter, shave adapter or 2-pin adapter. 

These adapters will let you free your electric-powered toothbrush from the usual three-pin socket, and they`re to be had from maximum large retailers!


There are two types of coil present in electric toothbrush charger

The first one is a primary coil and the one is the secondary coil

Primary Coil : 

The number one coil is positioned withinside the base of the charger and has an iron peg on the pinnacle that’s protected with plastic. 

When the toothbrush is resting at the peg, you`ll have a whole transformer that works with a magnetic field. Energy is going from the bottom coil to the secondary coil withinside the manager via the iron peg.


The secondary coil may be discovered withinside the base of the toothbrush which stands at the iron peg. This iron peg does greater than simply preventing the comb from wobbling around. 

It’s the middle thing that connects the number one coil and the secondary coil with a magnetic field.


Lastly, we have the batteries. As we stated earlier, the electricity flows from the number one coil to the secondary coil through the iron peg that connects them. 

The ends of the 2 coils withinside the electric-powered toothbrush are really established to the battery inside, permitting it to be recharged.

Because electric-powered brushes aren’t a massive product, they`re not going to require masses of power. This way you won`t fear it creating a massive distinction in your power bill. 

It`s sincerely advocated to use up the battery every now and then to optimise its performance. This flip can store power, so it’s a win-win situation!


Many human beings regularly wonder whether or not it’s secure to depart an electric-powered toothbrush at the charging stand or if it is dangerous. Always make sure to test the guide of your toothbrush so you’re aware of the tips and instructions, as they could range among manufacturers. 

As a rule, it’s secure to depart your toothbrush at the charger. The charging stand serves purposes. The first is to offer an area for the toothbrush to take a seat down whilst it`s now no longer being used. Secondly, it`s a brief and handy manner of recharging whilst the battery is low. 

The strength cable oughtn’t to be linked to the strength all of the time. It`s flawlessly secure to disconnect it and leave the toothbrush at the stand. Doing this can preserve the comb upright and save you any harm to it.

How do I know If My Electric Toothbrush Is Charging?

How to inform whether or not your toothbrush is absolutely charged or now no longer relies upon the version and logo which you have? Although it’s going to range among manufacturers, there are a few things you could keep in mind that will help you test if the toothbrush is charging. 

To get the maximum correct information, it’s really useful to check the manufacturer’s instructions. No, remember which logo of toothbrush you have, a sure-hearthplace manner of ensuring it’s charging is to depart it at the charger base for lengthy periods. 

Most toothbrush fashions could be absolutely charged within 8-sixteen hours however others can take 24 hours. Whichever logo you have, in case you go away from the toothbrush charging for a complete day you could make sure it`ll be absolutely charged via way of means of the end. 

Many brushes are characteristic of a standing image at the front of the handle. Usually, if this image is inexperienced or not lighting up its method the batteries are charged absolutely. 

If it`s flashing inexperienced, it`s the method it`s withinside the technique of charging. A yellow or purple image normally means a flat or nearly flat battery. Other brushes can also additionally have an icon that’s broken up into three or four bars, or perhaps more. If all the bars are lit up, it’s a signal that it’s charged


Many current electric-powered brushes run on low voltage levels, generally 12 V or less. Some charging devices have a step-down transformer that powers the toothbrush however the majority have batteries outfitted into the handle. 

Although older fashions of electrical brushes had steel tabs that related to the charger base, more modern fashions use induction charging. This doesn`t require any wires that are ideal for the usage of a bathroom.


1. What are the benefits of using an electric toothbrush?

  • Superior Plaque Removal.
  • Ease of Use
  • Technology and Features.
  • More Cleaning Power.
  • Oscillating/Rotating/Pulsating Technology.
  • Dentist-Inspired Brush Head.
  • Two-Minute Timer.
  • Modes.

2. How do you use an electric toothbrush?

Guide the brush head slowly from tooth to tooth, holding the brush head in place for a few seconds against each tooth before moving on to the next one.
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