Amazon or Flipkart Mobile, which is the better choice as an online Shopping Site?

If someone asks you to suggest a shopping website for mobiles, right off of the top of your head you’ll probably be able to think of one of two options: Amazon as well as Flipkart. The reason everyone is familiar with these websites is the fact that both sites are among the most popular e-commerce retailers in operation at the moment. Their success is largely to do with the manner in which they have optimized their user platforms and interface for their mobile-friendly screen.

Profiting from the increasing number of online buyers, who are buying more and more things via their mobiles, Flipkart and Amazon have adjusted themselves to perfectly fit the ideal model of an online retailer designed for mobile. Let’s go deeper to find out what exactly these giants are up to that are working so effectively. It will enable us to identify which one is the best choice for companies as well as customers.

50percent of all online transactions are conducted using mobile devices. That is something e-commerce sites such as Flipkart or Amazon are aware of. If you’re making use of Flipkart on mobile or Amazon and its mobile shopping apps, you have likely noticed that both of these platforms are easy to use and responsive. They rapidly adapts to the device it is accessed using, whether it’s a tablet, computer or even a smartphone. The reason that browsing on Amazon mobile app is effortless is due to the fact that it was created to give a seamless user experience. It seamlessly navigates you from one page to the next which increases the likelihood that you will end up buying something you like and would want to purchase it.

  • High-quality videos and photos

One of the most important aspects that every online store for mobile users must master can be the standard of images and videos displayed on the site. Customers aren’t likely to be interested for products until they are able to examine the item. There’s already a hurdle that online shoppers face when purchasing – they are unable to experience the product using their hands prior to purchasing. The most important thing that any online retailer should accomplish is to help purchasers to understand the features of the product simply by watching videos and photos that are available on the website.

So, these images must be properly arranged. If you look at Amazon’s mobile shopping application and you’ll see the photos of products are taken from various angles, and also show the people who use the items. Additionally, they are high-quality images that customers can zoom into for a closer glance at the items. In addition, platforms like Flipkart’s mobile app for online shopping have a fantastic job of making sure that there are no technical issues that prevent photos from loading quickly so that customers can swiftly look at professionally-shot images of their products.

  • Fast and easy login

Once you have opened any shopping website online for mobile devices, the website will ask you to log in and register on the app or the website. The process of creating the account for an online website must be as easy as it is possible to be. Flipkart mobile app for online shopping and Amazon have this down to a science, since both platforms have simplified the process of signing in by making registration easier. Users can log in using their email addresses or other accounts on social media to sign up on these platforms. This simplifies the process, but also improved the speed. In addition users no longer need to worry about feeding their data into pages in order to use these platforms. In simple terms another obstacle to entry is eliminated when the login process is easy for users to use.

  • Savvy’s product filters and categorization

If you are shopping on an online site that offers many different products for customers, it’s important to make sure that the selection is correct. Through the use of the systematic categorization of items and a variety of user-friendly filters platforms such as Amazon mobile apps have significantly reduced the number of steps users have to navigate through to locate the product they’re seeking. Similar to this websites like Flipkart mobile-friendly online store are also using some innovative filtering methods. In the end, Flipkart has been able to build trust and loyalty to its customers through providing an easy user experience.

  • Well-written, precise product descriptions

Another crucial aspect of an online shop is the content on the site, and in particular the descriptions of products. It’s a mistake believe that lengthy descriptions of products aren’t necessary and that videos and photos will convince people to purchase products on the internet. No matter if you’re using an online shopping website for mobile, or using an application designed for laptops having a clear and concise description of the product is essential. Amazon is a superior choice in providing lots of product information, not just the product’s dimensions, type of the product, weight, color the material and warranty. If this is not done will certainly reduce the amount of returns or impulse buying choices that consumers make.

  • Social Proof

Perhaps the most crucial element on the road is social evidence. People are more likely to purchase something which they know is well-known and is being promoted by other. That’s why reviews from customers are essential for any online store that is accessible via mobile. According to an astonishing figure, a huge majority of customers more than 95% to be exact, have look up reviews from other customers before purchasing an item. Even negative reviews can work in favor of the company since they can make reviews generally more authentic and authentic. Thus, negative reviews usually increase the influence positive reviews can affect consumers’ purchasing decision-making. Flipkart does better at providing reviews from its customers on its website.


It appears that Amazon has a greater grasp of product descriptions, and Flipkart is more effective in the presentation of social proof however in every other aspect, both sites perform admirably in making customers feel welcome. Every online store that is designed that caters to mobile users must excel in all the above areas to gain larger shares in the marketplace.

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