Sony Action Camera Body Mount – Buying Guide


Sony’s Action Cam is the gold standard for action cameras. They’re waterproof, have excellent battery life, and aren’t too expensive. If you’ve got a GoPro already, you’ll need some accessories to get the most out of it. One of those is body mounts which let you attach your camera to different parts of your body so that you can record yourself or others doing things like surfing or skateboarding. The official Sony accessory kit has these two different types:

Section 1: First Person View

You can use the POV mount to put your camera on top of your head or chest while skiing or snowboarding with an extension pole attached so that it doesn’t interfere with your vision (don’t ski without goggles). It also lets you take selfies by putting it on your wrist and mounting it elsewhere on your body (e.g., chest) using Velcro straps included in the kit.

Section 2: Third Person View

The chesty strap is perfect for capturing yourself while biking because it keeps both hands free to hold onto handlebars instead of holding them tied up holding onto a selfie stick! You could also use this strap with other activities like rock climbing since both hands are used for keeping balance instead of trying to hold onto something else simultaneously like when riding bikes.”

Action camera body mount

Body mounts attach an action camera to a helmet, bike, or surfboard. They’re a convenient way to record videos while doing activities such as biking, surfing, and skiing. Body mounts come in different sizes and shapes. Some are made from plastic, metal, or rubber.

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Top deals on the body mount

Here are the top seven body mounts:

  • The GoPro Suction Cup Mount is a must-have for anyone who wants to record their adventures in every way possible. It sticks easily to most smooth surfaces, so you can take it wherever you go!
  • The Flexible Tripod, from the same company as our first pick, is an inexpensive option that won’t break the bank. Its flexibility allows easy positioning and makes it great for filming on land or water.
  • If you want something more advanced than an essential selfie stick, try this Smartphone Holder with remote control! It has a wireless shutter button, so all of your photos will look professional.

lowest price body mounts

There are a lot of different body mounts for action cameras out there, and you may be wondering what the best body mount is for your particular needs. The answer to this question is simple: the lowest-price action camera body mounts have all the features you need.

Our online store has many different types available at great prices if you know precisely what amount you want. We have everything from chest straps to traditional suction cups—and we’ll even throw in a GoPro adapter at no extra charge!

Best reviewed body mounts

To help you make an informed decision, we’ve tested and reviewed the best body mounts for Sony action cameras to help you find the right one.

  • The GoPro Bodyboard Mount is our top choice because it stays secure while adjusting quickly. It also comes with a standard GoPro mount, making it compatible with other devices with similar shapes.
  • If you prefer a traditional horse, look into the Universal Suction Cup Mount from Rollei. This one is made from a durable rubber material that can withstand harsh weather conditions and provides stable support for your camera even when subjected to heavy vibrations or impacts (like those caused by wave action). The ball joint allows for 360-degree rotation, so you can get about any angle imaginable without lowering yourself into dangerous waters—remember, never touch its suction cups directly!

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The top 7 body mounts

  • The Sony Action Cam Body Mount is the top choice for many users. This mount is compatible with all Sony Action Cam models and can be attached to your body or helmet. It’s made of durable plastic and comes in black, blue, red, and white finishes.
  • The GoPro Omni 360 Degree Quick-Release Bicycle Mount Kit is another popular option that features easy-release tabs that allow you to remove or attach your camera quickly. This kit includes the necessary hardware for attaching it to either a bike or a kayak/surfboard/skateboard/etc., so you can capture wide-angle footage from any angle!
  • If you’re looking for something more affordable but still high quality, then take a look at our third place winner—the Fotodiox Pro GoPro Alternative Sports & Camera Mount Adapter w/ Tripod Adapter Plate that fits most brands, including SJCAM M20 M10 GPRO HERO 7 6 5 BLACK YI 4K+ & more!


You’ve found a body mount that works for your Sony action camera. Now, it’s time to get out there and shoot some fantastic videos!


Sony action cameras can be mounted in several ways. You can attach them to your chest or head with a head strap or arm band, put them in bags and cases for protection from water or dust, or even use suction cups to mount them on glass surfaces like cars or boats if necessary. Of course, whatever you choose is going to depend on what you want out of your video-making experience as well as what kind of shooting conditions you prefer; if all those factors point towards needing more stability than mobility, then maybe the best choice would be something like an external housing unit that allows for waterproofing up to 100 meters deep!


1. Which mounts can you attach to your body?

The hat mount and chest mount are some of the most popular on-body mounts for GoPro users, but you can attach your camera to any object with universal strap mounts and compatible accessories.

2. What are cab mounts?

Cab mounts reduce the severity of vibrations transferred from the chassis to the cab and thereby reduce the vibration and noise levels to which the driver is exposed. The result is better comfort for drivers and improved productivity

3. What is a body mount?

A body mount is a device used to secure a vehicle’s body to the frame. It is an integral component of a body-on-frame vehicle, which uses a solid structure that supports more weight and stress than those with unibody construction. Body mounts are made of rubber or some type of metal.

4. Are S&B body mounts worth it?

The only negative press that I have read about S&B Air Bags are people complaining about installation, the time it takes to install, or for the cost of these mounts.


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